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NACK (Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection) is an apparel and lifestyle brand established in 2006.  The brand is a reflection of the new Nigerian culture; it articulates the evolving lifestyle of a new breed of people who are inspired and identified by the believe they have in their “sombodyness”. NACK is a stylish brand created to celebrate the cool culture of the new Nigerian people.


Simply follow the steps below to get started as a NACK affiliate:

  1. Join the affiliate program, using the link below
  2. Set up your affiliate links
  3. Drive targeted traffic to the NACK website
  4. Generate sales and get rewarded up to 7% commission on every sale!


The NACK affiliate program has some pretty amazing perks, to name a few:

  • Earn up to a competitive 7% commission on every sale generated
  • Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships and exclusive offers with NACK Apparel
  • Track your results and optimise your activity to maximise your revenue
  • Regular communication on the latest trends, new products and exclusive offers


There are some sites out there that aren’t quite so trustworthy, so we do need to run some checks before you will be approved on the programme. Plus, we’ll need you to read and stick to the terms and conditions which you can view on our programme profile pages. Once you have been successfully accepted as a NACK affiliate you can start earning commission straightaway.

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