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Discover the latest dresses with NACK Apparel. Shop from a range of lengths, colours, and styles for every occasion from your most preferred Afropolitan brands.

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Scuba Dress in BlackScuba Dress in Black
Scuba Dress in Black Sale price₦91,950.00
Scuba Dress in WineScuba Dress in Wine
Scuba Dress in Wine Sale price₦91,950.00
Northlove Dress 2.0 in OrangeNorthlove Dress 2.0 in Orange
Northlove Dress 2.0 in Orange Sale price₦72,950.00
Northlove Dress 2.0 in NudeNorthlove Dress 2.0 in Nude
Northlove Dress 2.0 in Nude Sale price₦72,950.00
Northlove Dress 2.0 in PurpleNorthlove Dress 2.0 in Purple
Northlove Dress 2.0 in Purple Sale price₦72,950.00
Northlove Dress 2.0 in GreenNorthlove Dress 2.0 in Green
Northlove Dress 2.0 in Green Sale price₦72,950.00
Northlove Dress 2.0 in BlackNorthlove Dress 2.0 in Black
Northlove Dress 2.0 in Black Sale price₦72,950.00
Rahisi Dress in PurpleRahisi Dress in Purple
Rahisi Dress in Purple Sale price₦56,500.00
Malkia DressMalkia Dress
Malkia Dress Sale price₦76,950.00
Festac Native  Dress in BrownFestac Native  Dress in Brown
Festac Native Dress in Brown Sale price₦75,300.00
Idia Stripe DressIdia Stripe Dress
Idia Stripe Dress Sale price₦44,550.00
Adanma Dress - NACK APPARELAdanma Dress - NACK APPAREL
Adanma Dress Sale price₦52,650.00
Festac Native  Dress in BlueFestac Native  Dress in Blue
Festac Native Dress in Blue Sale price₦75,300.00
Festac Native  Dress in BlackFestac Native  Dress in Black
Festac Native Dress in Black Sale price₦75,300.00
Esire Gown in GreenEsire Gown in Green
Esire Gown in Green Sale price₦17,000.00
Esire Gown in BlueEsire Gown in Blue
Esire Gown in Blue Sale price₦17,000.00
Biba Stripe DressBiba Stripe Dress
Biba Stripe Dress Sale price₦25,000.00
Chika's Striped DressChika's Striped Dress
Chika's Striped Dress Sale price₦24,300.00
Oganza Dress in BlackOganza Dress in Black
Oganza Dress in Black Sale price₦32,500.00
Makeda Gown in Black - NACK APPARELMakeda Gown in Black - NACK APPAREL
Makeda Gown in Black Sale price₦40,000.00