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Agbalumo Tee in White

Sale price₦99,000.00


Discover the enchanting flavors and cultural significance of the African Star Apple, or Agbalumo, with the Agbalumo Tee. Drawing inspiration from this irresistible fruit's vibrant taste and remarkable health benefits, this unique collection invites you to explore the wonders of West African cuisine while celebrating its rich culinary heritage. 

Treasured for its sweet and tangy taste, this delectable fruit has been a beloved staple in West African homes for generations. Whether enjoyed fresh from the tree or used in a variety of traditional dishes, the Agbalumo's distinctive flavor is a true celebration of the region's unique flavors and cultural diversity.

  • Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

  • Colors: Black, White

  • Style: Oversized T-shirt

  • Sleeves: Short

  • Model: 6'2" wearing size Large
Agbalumo Tee in White
Agbalumo Tee in White Sale price₦99,000.00