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Berlin Conference Tee

Sale price₦103,500.00


Capture history's significance with our Berlin Conference Tee, a bold tribute to the pivotal event that molded Africa's destiny. This oversized T-shirt proudly displays the text "Berlin Conference, 1884-1885" along with the names of attending countries on the back, serving as a reminder of the continent's intricate past and the impact of colonialism.

Embrace this garment as more than just apparel; it's a symbol of remembrance and awareness, honoring Africa's diverse cultural tapestry while shedding light on the historical forces that have shaped its trajectory. Make a statement with every wear, sparking conversations and fostering a deeper understanding of Africa's journey towards sovereignty and self-determination.

  • Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

  • Colors: Black, White, Nude

  • Style: Oversized T-shirt

  • Sleeves: Short

  • Model: 6'0" wearing size Large
Berlin Conference Tee
Berlin Conference Tee Sale price₦103,500.00