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Palazart Pant 2.0 in Black

Sale price₦80,000.00


Introducing the Palazart Pant 2.0, a captivating piece of fashion that blends the artistry of the Dan people of Africa with contemporary style. Adorned with the intricate and meaningful Dan masks, these pants carry the weight of history and cultural significance. Handcrafted from wood, shells, and fibers, each mask is a unique work of art, telling the story of the wearer's spiritual connection to their ancestors.
By wearing these pants, you not only make a statement of fashion, but also become a part of the cultural conversation, bringing the rich heritage of the Dan people to the forefront.
  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Fabric: Chinos fabric
  • Size: Big size pant
  • Print: Screen printing (Note: do not apply direct heat to print)
  • Model Height: 6'2"
  • Model Size: Large
Palazart Pant 2.0 in Black
Palazart Pant 2.0 in Black Sale price₦80,000.00